Star Wars Celebration Day 0: An Exercise in Anguish and Elation

Celebration Day 0 begins at five pm, Wednesday April 12th. Keenan and I had just got back from a booze and supplies run (mostly booze). We’re excited, packing for the overnight and preparing for the weekend.

“Let’s watch Rogue One and The Force Awakens! I really want to get pumped for the weekend.”

I agree, but am hesitant about timing. My father has instilled in me a wonderfully anal sense of being late for anything. I figure that we can watch Rogue One, then head over to the convention center.

Seven pm rolls around, and one of the more boring bits of Rogue One hits the screen. I check Reddit. The stickied post on /r/starwarscelebration is “Final word on line”, and is an hour old. My stomach drops. The line was supposed to open at 8. I tell everyone we’re meeting to get there around 9.

“It should be fine! Plus, I’ll get to nap a little longer”

I didn’t nap.

It wasn’t fine.

An unofficial line counting into the hundreds had formed outside the convention center starting at about three pm. Convention center staff had done nothing to disperse the line, and in fact told those lined up that their spot would be honored.

I relay this to Keenan as calmly anxious as possible. We wrap up the movie, finish up our packing and jet to the con. After a snafu in the parking situation, we walk friends in tow to the security hopper right at nine. The following scene greets us.

We spend the next hour collectively shitting our pants, dreading that all the waiting, poor planning, and bullshit pulled by ReedPOP will screw us into a streaming room for the 40th Anniversary Panel.

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