Blair Witch (Horror Review)


I was really looking forward to this one ever since its announcement took everyone by surprise at Comic Con. Especially when I found out Adam Winguard and Simon Barrett were behind the project. It felt like after Book of Shadows (the official sequel to The Blair Witch Project) released back in 2000 that that was the official nail in the coffin for the series for quite some time. Fifteen years later we were surprised with a true sequel. One that feels a lot like the first film. But in the end, is that truly what we are looking for in the third installment of this series?

Well I’m sad to say that this sequel/remake did not live up to the hype. They Force Awakens the hell out of this one! Basically following all the same beats as the first film. They gave it an updated look with new characters searching for old characters. A premise I was completely okay with.

The most annoying aspect were all the half assed jump scares. Too many in my opinion. We’re talking every time a character shows up! Every time someone turns a camera. Every time three seconds of silence would pass. It was too damn much.

Now I will say that the overall premise isn’t a bad one, nor is the acting or pacing. I was just hoping to see more from “The Blair Witch Universe” other than Stretch Armstrong in the dark.

If only the creative team would have incorporated a terrifying witch! Maybe like the one Todd McFarland and co. came up with from their Movie Maniacs series a decade or so ago, which is pictured above?


Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to watch The Blair Thumb.
3 out of 5

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