Star Wars Rebels Returns With Gut Punch

The crew of Ghost is at again as the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels heads back to television after a brief hiatus after only having aired nine episodes into season four late last year. The following two episodes aired this past Monday and boy did episode ten hold a pivotal moment for the entire series that left fans in tears.

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Rian Johnson has brought forth his vision for the eighth installment of the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The franchise has always been rather divisive but this movie has our fellow fans even more split on the state of the galaxy. What follows is our extensive break-down of the movie, the chances it took, and whether it worked or not. If you haven’t seen this movie, please do yourself a favor and take a trip to the theater before listening in on this SPOILER-HEAVY episode of The Space Dragon Podcast. You have been warned!

NEW EPISODE: Korgs ‘N’ Porgs

LIVE IN PERSON: This was a very exciting one to record. We cover a load of stuff going on currently in fandom and think you’ll probably dig at least a handful of these topics.

  • Rian Johnson getting his own Star Wars trilogy
  • Dark Universe officially canned
  • Disney and the future of streaming Marvel content
  • Thor: Ragnarok What did we think?
  • Amazon creating a LOTR series
  • Stranger Things 2 better than the first?
  • Xbox One X console gaming evolved
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins a return to form
  • Overwatch’s Moira is weebtastic
  • Last of Us 2 looks even more gut-wrenching
  • Battlefront 2 and the most down-voted Reddit comment

I will note, EA has recently removed the option to buy crystals since this episode was recorded. But will they be back? EA’s statement still states that this is a “temporary” move. We’ll have more info on this and all you geeky news to come. Also a friendly reminder to follow us on all social outlets! (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

WE’RE STILL HERE! – Podcast EP:23


Like Randy Quaid in Independence Day, Weeeee’re baaaaaacccckkk! Despite Hurricane Irma and a handful of other annoyances, the guys are here to bring you their thoughts on some things that have been going on in the nerd world over the summer. Our resident Horror Guy tells the guys his expert opinion on the newest cinematic iteration of Stephen King’s IT. Lee comes out of his hidey hole to confess his love for Bungie’s Destiny 2 and how it compares to the previous release. And do you like pirates and dinosaurs? Seamus will give you the low down on the newest Magic The Gathering offerings. All this and a whole lot more in the return of your favorite intergalactic trio!

Other Topics
The Orville
Star Trek: Discovery
Rick and Morty
The Defenders
The Punisher
Star Wars Episode IX
Rocket League Fall Update


LIVE FROM TBCC 2017 – Podcast EP:22

For the second year in a row the fine folks at Tampa Bay Comic Con gave us a panel slot, and we decided to record it in it’s entirety for you! If you happened to miss these fine gentlemen wax poetic about nerd stuff LIVE this time around, here’s everything we covered:

  • Game Of Thrones, our take on the 7th season so far [spoilers; skip to 4:25]
  • Stranger Things, season 2 trailer released
  • Thor: Ragnarok, early reactions
  • Justice League, relying too heavily on success of Wonder Woman?
  • Ready Player One, how did this even get funded?
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming, our mini-review
  • Overwatch, Doomfist is badass
  • Destiny 2, Lee talks the beta
  • Anthem, Destiny: Me too?
  • Kingdom Hearts 3, and we made someone rage quit the panel

A huge thank you to everyone at TBCC and those who attended and made our panel possible. Fingers crossed for next year!


We’ve finally hit that magical number synonymous with legally drinking, and just in time to celebrate Independence Day. Welcome to episode 21!

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Best for MOBILE


This episode of The Space Dragon Podcast contains the following subject matter and in no particular order:

  • Jetson’s live-action television adaptation to be produced by Robert Zemeckis
  • Netflix’s Castlevania series release and producer Adi Shankar
  • Game Of Thrones returns
  • Rick and Morty NEW season and ties to Rocket League Anniversary Update
  • WEEBcast featuring FLCL 2 and 3
  • Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios
  • RDJ wrestles with the timing of his departure from the MCU
  • Keenan and Lee discuss Power Rangers (2017)
  • Impromptu PROPS & SLOPS: Summer Cinema Edition
  • Incoming DLC for Diablo 3 and Breath Of The Wild
  • Doomfist’s is Inevitable and Overwatch’s lootboxes get a fix
  • GDQ, as always, is incredible


Summer is finally here which means we’re getting hit with all the blockbuster titles a nerd can handle! We cover what we’ve seen so far, including our mixed opinions on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL 2 and ALIEN: COVENANT, and brace ourselves for the gaming onslaught of E3 announcements and a slew of fall releases. Lee and Keenan also discuss their experiences in the newly revamped and repurposed PREY title, but only one of them finished it. Make sure to stay tuned until the end to find out who and to hear us talk about our favorite games of all time!


A belated May The Fourth Be With You, folks! We’re here this month with all sorts of glimpses into the future of our beloved nerdy franchises. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 may be rocking the box office, but we’ve got all sorts of footage from future Marvel outings such as THE DEFENDERS, THE RUNAWAYS, INHUMANS, and CLOAK AND DAGGER.

On the silver screen, there are trailers out for THE DARK TOWER, THE MUMMY, and KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. Time will tell if they will be hits, or fodder for future episodes of the newly revamped MST3K which we are certainly fans of.

As if this wasn’t enough of a geek overload, Keenan and Seamus tell us all about their experiences at this years STAR WARS CELEBRATION. Look forward to some footage of their trip to hit the website soon!

Star Wars Celebration Day 0: An Exercise in Anguish and Elation

Celebration Day 0 begins at five pm, Wednesday April 12th. Keenan and I had just got back from a booze and supplies run (mostly booze). We’re excited, packing for the overnight and preparing for the weekend.

“Let’s watch Rogue One and The Force Awakens! I really want to get pumped for the weekend.”

I agree, but am hesitant about timing. My father has instilled in me a wonderfully anal sense of being late for anything. I figure that we can watch Rogue One, then head over to the convention center.

Seven pm rolls around, and one of the more boring bits of Rogue One hits the screen. I check Reddit. The stickied post on /r/starwarscelebration is “Final word on line”, and is an hour old. My stomach drops. The line was supposed to open at 8. I tell everyone we’re meeting to get there around 9.

“It should be fine! Plus, I’ll get to nap a little longer”

I didn’t nap.

It wasn’t fine.

An unofficial line counting into the hundreds had formed outside the convention center starting at about three pm. Convention center staff had done nothing to disperse the line, and in fact told those lined up that their spot would be honored.

I relay this to Keenan as calmly anxious as possible. We wrap up the movie, finish up our packing and jet to the con. After a snafu in the parking situation, we walk friends in tow to the security hopper right at nine. The following scene greets us.

We spend the next hour collectively shitting our pants, dreading that all the waiting, poor planning, and bullshit pulled by ReedPOP will screw us into a streaming room for the 40th Anniversary Panel.

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Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to another intergalactic episode that’s chock full of our insatiable love for X-Men Origins: Wolverine!


Sit back, relax, and listen to us gush over the incredible Wolverine/Hugh Jackman love letter, LOGAN. There are a handful of major spoilers, so be warned. Seventeen years in the making, this is the movie our favorite Canadian X-Man deserves. It’s so good to have two solid R-rated superhero flicks out now, because VENOM looks like its going to be the next one in line to get the “adult” treatment. In TV news, Keenan and Lee explain to Seamus how IRON FIST was less than stellar and discuss the potential future of the character in the Netflix Marvelverse. To round out the show, we finish up with some talk about how THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD and MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA are great additions to the franchises.

Seriously, what kind of bizarro world is it that an X-Men based movie is better than a Marvel Netflix show?


This summer looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride! Recently, we’ve been given brand new looks into Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and Alien: Covenant, the latter of which also dropped a prologue of sorts that’s got us hooked and ready for more. Two ragtag groups of misfits fighting aliens on the big screen? Count us in!

In gaming news, Microsoft plans a reveal date for the Xbox Scorpio in June at E3. Can this new console, coupled with their new, monthly game pass finally get them out from under Sony’s console dominance? If that isn’t enough to get you reaching for your wallet, 343 announced that split-screen will be returning to the Aliens-inspired franchise, Halo, when it’s sixth mainline release drops.

THE LAST JEDI (Podcast EP:16)

Welcome to the (kind of) first episode of the year! We’ve got a lot to talk about this time, and what better way to start it off than with MORE STAR WARS! Keenan and I finally share our thoughts on ROGUE ONE and ponder on the released title for this years installment, THE LAST JEDI. Also, can Legion and Logan reinvigorate the X-Men franchise? Does GODZILLA 2 have some competition with Anne Hathaway’s COLOSSAL? Will DC’s POWERLESS be better than SUICIDE SQUAD? Probably.

In the gaming world, OVERWATCH is holding a YEAR OF THE ROOSTER event, Keenan talks about his recent completion of FINAL FANTASY XV, and Lee is elated that WATCH DOGS 2 is a massive improvement on its predecessor. Oh, and there’s this new system called the NINTENDO SWITCH, but you’ve probably never heard of it…


What a month for movies we’ve had! From Marvel’s newest offering in Doctor Strange, a return to classic sci-fi in Arrival, and magic and mayhem in Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, it’s been packed. We also got into some discussion on new trailers for things we’re excited for, like Kong Skull Island. So, get out of that Black Friday shopping/violence coma and listen to us wax poetic on this movie-centric episode!

You can always listen at iTunes and your favorite Android podcast apps. Just search for “The Space Dragon Podcast” and subscribe!


Is it just us, or are people yearning for the adventure and flair of the wild west? We dive into HBO’s Westworld and gush over the prospect of the new Red Dead Redemption 2. Keenan replays the craziest episode of Ash vs Evil Dead he’s ever watched, Seamus rekindles his love of Hearthstone, and Lee can’t wait for the inevitable Luke Cage / Iron Fist team-up, all in this new episode that’s bursting at the seams with geeky goodness!



DC is at it again with another extended cut from the next installation of the DC Universe films.

“Suicide Squad: Extended Cut” features more action and more Squad with 13 more minutes of footage not previously seen in theaters. The Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack will include the extended version of the film on the Blu-ray disc. The extended version will also be available to own on Digital HD.

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GEARS OF WAR: THE MOVIE! ‘Universal Acquires Rights’ (Film News)


I think a handful of us saw this coming. But today it has been officilly confirmed!

During the Gears of War Live broadcast, The Coalition Studio Head Rod Fergusson announced that Universal Pictures has optioned motion picture rights to Microsoft Studios’ iconic “Gears of War” franchise, based on the Xbox video game series.
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WITNESS THESE!!! (Blu-Ray Announcement)

WB has been holding onto this one for a while and they are finally releasing the wasteland collection (and Black & White) version we have been waiting for!

The Mad Max High Octane Collection will debut December 6 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. All four films from visionary director George Miller’s blockbuster sci-fi franchise — Mad Max (1979); Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981); Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985); and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), now with Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky — are together in one collection. Both collections include the four films and five hours of bonus content, including the visually stunning Mad Max: Fury Road “Black & Chrome” Edition. The Blu-ray collection will also include a 4K-Ultra HD version and a UV Digital Copy of Mad Max: Fury Road.


For fans whoa already own the previous installments, The Mad Max: Fury Road “Black & Chrome Edition” will also be available on Blu-ray
in a two film collection including the theatrical version of the film and a special introduction by George Miller describing his vision.

Click the break to learn what new features will be included in these new additions.
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Boba Fett and AT-AT Driver (Prints)

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Mike Mitchell continues his series of Star Wars profile photos over at MONDO with these beautiful 12″x16″ giclee’s. These are signed & hand numbered.

Boba Fett and AT-AT Driver will be available as a timed-edition for 72-hours from Thursday (8/25) at 12PM CST through Sunday (8/28) at 12PM CST.

Boba Fett by Mike Mitchell. 12″x16″ giclee. Signed & Hand numbered. Timed-Edition available from Thursday (8/25) at 12PM CST through Sunday (8/28) at 12PM CST. Printed by Static Medium. Expected to ship in 6-8 weeks. $55

AT-AT Driver by Mike Mitchell. 12″x16″ giclee. Signed & Hand numbered. Timed-Edition available from Thursday (8/25) at 12PM CST through Sunday (8/28) at 12PM CST. Printed by Static Medium. Expected to ship in 6-8 weeks. $55

This is a very popular series over at Mondo and these will not lat long.

The PaRappa series you didn’t know you wanted is headed to tv soon!


Fan favorite video game series PaRappa the Rapper is being turned into a new anime series! Japan’s Fuji TV have announced a new series of anime shorts titled PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya, which will star PaRappa’s DJ bear friend, PJ Berri, Pa-Rappa and Chop Master Onion, among others, will all show up in the new shorts.
PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya will debut August 18 on Fuji TV’s Hi Poul variety series, with future episodes planned for late October.


SDCC has ended and all the nerds in the world are left with a ton of new information for their respective obsessions. Here’s some of Lee and Keenan’s favorite highlights from the show!


New Ghostbusters Animated Series coming in 2018

A bit far off from now sadly, but I’m always excited to announce new Ghostbusters animated news!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has announced that they will be releasing a new Ghostbusters animated series entitled “Ghostbusters: Ecto Force” which will be hitting the small screen in 2018. This series is said to be part of the cinematic universe the begins with this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot that is directed by Paul Feig and stars Melissa McCartney, Leslie Jones, Kristin Wiig and Kate McKinnon.

The series will take place in the year 2050 and will follow a new cast of ghost chasers who capture ghosts and spirits from around the world with help from local teams and some very cool gear.

It sounds like it will be aimed at a younger audience, which isn’t surprising since the original films animated series was also aimed at the same crowd (I.E.; my generation).

As fun sounding as this is, imagine if Sony released a more mature Animatrix type series or one off film. It could be made by different animators showcasing the true horrors that some of the Ghostbusters face and what kind of toll it takes being on the team.

Hey, a fanboy can dream can’t he?

R.I.P. Anton Yelchin (Remembering a Great Actor)


This past weekend we lost actor Anton Yelchin after a freak accident involving the actors car at his Los Angels home. I don’t want to go into too much detail on the actors death, but rather his amazing and short lived acting career.

The first film I ever saw Anton in was Alpha Dogs. A 2006 film starring Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis and Emile Hirsch. A lot of star power was behind this film, as well as starting Justin’s break away film career. A lot of eyes were on this one and Yelchin was “the missing boy”. Audiences did not realize it just yet, but they were going to fall in love with this kid.

Anton moved onto a few more television rolls before landing the gig that would change his life and put him in the eyes of millions. The pivotal roll that made Walter Koenig famous. Pavel Chekov in JJ Abrams Star Trek! We all were a little weary of this retelling in the Star Trek universe. Especially after seeing the original cast recast. The film went on to be a hit grossing nearly $257,730,019! Anton could not work another day in his life and live off the convention scene. That had to have been a good feeling at his age.

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WARCRAFT: The Most Successful Video Game Film EVER!


Warcraft has obtained more at the box office than any other video game film…thanks to CHINA!

Duncan Jones owes it to the overseas audience. Warcraft has taken over $200 million to its combined $377.6 million worldwide takings. Prince of Persia previously held the record at $335 million back in 2010.

In the US, Warcraft was looked at as average.  It dropped nearly 73% in weekend ticket sales here, making it the third-largest first weekend to second weekend drop-off in US cinema history, after 2009’s Friday the 13th remake and Fifty Shades of Grey. The hype train can only ride so strong for so long.

Personally I thought the film was average at best, but boy did it look good (Final Fantasy Spirits Within anyone?) This is good for Legendary’s franchise though. It can only grow from here and include more races and tons of more Warcraft lore. Just hopefully they don’t screw with it too much like they did in this film.

ID4 Meets RL

Actor Jeff Goldblum speaks with “earth savior” David Levinson,  who saved us all from death back in ’96.

Just enjoy…

Today Earth Space Defense director David Levinson is finally debunking a long-standing conspiracy theory that has persisted since the War of 1996. In this video – which provides irrefutable proof – he and famous Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum prove once and for all that they are not the same person – despite their uncanny resemblance. Learn the truth now.

Independence Day Resurgence hits theaters June 24th.

X-Men: Apocalypse (Movie Review)

xmen, apocalypse,

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (Spoiler Free Review)

So despite my rejection letter to flee to upstate New York, I had to check out X-Men: Apocalypse. The X-Men have always been my favorite Marvel franchise since I could read comics, and Apocalypse is such a pivotal character in the franchise that I really wanted this to be good since the last two X-films were pretty tolerable.

I went in with the lowest expectations from friends and fan reviews…
I must say I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it!