Dead by Daylight’s Survivors Head Back to the 80’s! (Gaming News)


What’s a slasher game without 80’s influences? Any hardcore horror fan knows that the best decade for the slasher genre was the 80’s. Well apparently Interactive is on the gory crime scene!

Interactive today released the 2nd update for Dead by Daylight, titled “The 80’s Pack” on digital distribution platform Steam. Our five dear victi… friends, have decided that if they were to be savagely murdered, they might as well do it with style! Dress your favorite survivor with iconic pieces of fashion from the 80’s in this cosmetic pack.

“Our five dear victi… friends, have decided that if they were to be savagely murdered, they might as well do it with style!
The Silo is one of the oldest buildings that made up Coldwind farm. It stood for over fifty years before the great storm of 1984 brought the ancient structure crashing down. It was only several days later that local police discovered the twelve bodies buried in the ruins. The coach they had been traveling in was forced off the road by the storm. The passengers had taken refuge in the old building. It is only recently that a sealed suitcase full of clothes emerged from the ruins and was found by a group of happy few (…soon to be fewer). A welcome change as well as a tribute to the golden age of slashers.”

Click below to see what all is included in this pack!

The 80’s Pack includes:

-The Tartan Special Top, The Skull Print Top, the Siberian Tiger Legs, the Stripes of Power and the Ripped Leggings, for Nea.
-The Patches Denim Jacket, the Ripped Jeans and the Leather Pants, for Jake
-The College Letterman, the Hooded Training Top, the Sports Leggings and the Mauve Presentation Pants, for Meg
-The Two-tone Coat, the Electric Jacket, the Pale Jeans and the Red Flash Boots, for Claudette
-The Surf Tones and Dwight Cubed t-shirts, the Brown Slacks and the Watermelon Pants, for Dwight.

80’s apparel never really worked out for the kids in the slasher films. I’ve been playing DbDL for the past few weeks and I feel like the characters with the darker clothes on camouflage much better. I’ll give them a try this weekend and report back soon. I’m still very happy that this game is getting the love and attention that it deserves.

The 80’s Pack is $2.99 and is available now on Steam.

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