EA Press Conference: Wrap Up (E3 2016)

Electronic-Arts-E3-2015-logoThis year EA is absent on the E3 conference show floor. They did however host a public event in LA and London to gain hype and momentum for their upcoming games.

This is what EA PR told VG247:

“Hosting our own event allows us to connect directly with our players and create a meaningful experience for them. In Los Angeles, our players will have access to the games on Monday. We will open up the event to the industry on Tuesday, allowing those who are in town for E3 to see our games and join the experience.”

Judging by this years event, EA did not really have a whole lot to show off. The most requested games of the show look to still be in heavy development at the moment. Titles like Mass Effect Andromeda and the seven EA Star Wars titles currently in development were all glazed over in a three in a half minute video with little to no information. We also saw the same for Mass Effect. All this really tells us is what we’ve already known since two E3’s ago. Absolutely nothing!

If you are a sports fan however, Peter Moore was on hand to live out his “trash talking” Soccer fantasies that most audience members were laughably confused by. We discovered that the next FIFA will add an enriched story mode to the game. Something die-hards of the series never asked for.


EA was also quick to remind us of Yarny and his sleeper success, Unravel. EA not looking to abandon the quickly growing indi gamer community announced EA Originals. A division dedicated to bringing small scale stories to life. Like Unravel, the next project for EA Originals is Fe. A platform game based on communicating with your environment through howls of a unique and original animal. This too looked also be in strong development with no release date or platform announced.

The big reveal was focused on Titanfall 2 and Battlefront 1, two games that have been majorly leaked over the weekend. EA was chummy about the leak at their show and laughed it off. We saw a gimps into the first ever “story mode” for the game. In this, we saw Titans and pilots communicating in a new way. The Titans (which also oddly sound a lot like Optimums Prime) now have a protocol to abide by. Making their relationships with their pilots stronger. Along with this we also saw the ‘giant Titan sword class’ and a ‘pull cable system’. Titan Fall 2’s release date was also announced for  October 28th of this year.


I sadly expected to see a lot more Star Wars than I did. We were reminded that the Star Wars Battlefront content that is currently available is now free to play until later next week. That is when the new Cloud City expansion launches. In the Star Wars development video we also saw a glimpse of Amy Hennig’s new major story-driven game, which we also know nothing about. All that we do know if that it will release in 2018. I say it looks as if you may play a clone of Jango Fett. A lone Stormtrooper on the run perhaps?

EA then closed out their show with a real good look at Battlefield 1. We get to look forward to more dynamic battles. Building destruction, zeppelins fall from the sky like an Independence Day ship burning to the ground. Apparently weather can also change the unpredictably including night and day matches. BF1 will also introduce “behemoth” vehicles like armored train, airships and battleships can now all be piloted. Battlefield 1 storms onto store shelves October 21st.


Stay tuned as we move on to the Bethesda later this evening and subscribe to the Twitter page to get live show updates.


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