The day has finally come for us Xbox fans. The E3 press conference opened up big with a look at the Xbox One S. Microsoft’s 40% more slim brother. Now this wasn’t the Xbox we were looking for, (I’ll get to that in a minute.) The Xbox S no longer needs a power brick, has 2TB of space, is 4K ready, features a slightly tweaked design and is ready to ship this holiday.

We also are getting a lot of community upgrades which is what the console desperately needed. Hot on the heels of the Sony Playstation community, Xbox is introducing ‘Clubs’. A place where players can work together while scheduling meet ups and finding new players interested in certain genres of games. Microsoft also announced the ‘Xbox Play Anywhere Initiative.’ This allows players to buy a game on Xbox One and play it on their personal computer.

tumblr_o8qka9TIuu1rqou5jo5_1280Apparently Gears of War 4 will use this cross play, allowing Xbox users to play PC gamers in campaign, multiplayer and Horde mode. Speaking of Gears! We also found out that General RAAM is joining Killer Instinct Season 3. You’ll be able to tear apart the competition with him later this week.

Microsoft also confirmed the official release date for ReCore, which is September 13th 2016. Pre-order now and get Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts??? I don’t get it either.
The developers of Limbo have announced that their new title ‘Inside‘ will be out for Xbox and PC June 7th. If you’d like to play these on a new customized controller, well you’re also in luck! Xbox is giving you the chance to create your own! For a price…
Fighting fans rejoice! Tekken is back with its latest installment Tekken 7, with a cameo by Street Fighters Akuma! That will be out early As for this holiday season, we get the man, the myth, the photographer Frank West back in action in a Christmas themed romp through an undead infested mall in ‘Dead Rising 4.’ I’m a huge Dead Rising fan and cannot wait for this addition to the hilarious (yet creepy) series. Speaking of CREEPY! ‘We Happy Few‘ still sends shivers down my spine, especially after the quick game play bits we saw from the game. Definitely has a bright Bioshock and Fallout feel to it.

Some of you may not know this, but myself and fellow Space Dragon member Seamus are hardcore swash buckling nerds and go to pirate ren-fests. At last years E3 when I heard that RARE was working on ‘Sea of Thieves‘, I raised a mighty grog in the air to its honor! seaofthieves_gamplayAs the year went on I became mighty skeptical of the project. Fast forward to this year and I could not be more pleased as to what I saw at Microsoft’s show.  Friends yelling at friends to work together in taking out other players ships, discovering islands, drinking more grog! This game is what I feel a lot of my friends have been waiting for! We also got another look at ‘Final Fantasy XV‘, reminding me that Final Fantasy games are never just a walk in the park with difficulty. ‘Scalebound‘ was on hand and showed off many dragons fighting off a boss. It looks like the Panzer Dragoon sequel that I always wanted!

Overall Microsoft’s show was solid. Not always the best, but Microsoft isn’t looking for clickbate at E3. They are showing off their hardware, games, updates and pretty much everything you want to see from a solid manufacture in the gaming industry. They promise the best for gamers. So far I have been very pleased and await to see more from Xbox Scorpio in the coming months.tumblr_nsmjsbM2Eg1rj26nxo1_500

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