Resident Evil VII Collectors Edition

Capcom is expecting Resident Evil 7 to sell big in the first quarter of 2017. So big in fact that they have a good feeling it will surpass Resident Evil 5’s record breaking sales of 6.5 million units, which surpassed the 6.3 million units sold by 1992’s Street Fighter II.
Now we all know the main reason RE5 sold so well was because it was coming hot off the heels of Resident Evil 4, which was the first RE game to really change up the classic Resident Evil gameplay dynamic.

Either way, Resident Evil 7 looks to be doing the same. Especially with what we have seen from the Kitchen demo and other demos played on show floors this past year. Including this being the first Resident Evil game that you can play entirely in VR.

Today Resident Evil 7’s Collectors Edition has been invalided and here is everything you get with the GameStop exclusive preorder.

  • A Faux USB severed finger
  • 8 inch tall Replica of the Baker Mansion (lights & sounds)
  • Metal Game Case
  • Lithograph of Barker Family
  • Authentic Note
  • VHS tape box to hold finger USB

Resident Evil VII releases here in the U.S. January 24, 2017

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