Star Wars: Aftermath (Book Review)


This one was definitely a slippery slope. There would be chapters that pulled major interest, and others that would be down right boring. Chuck’s writing tends to break itself up to a point where you need to read everything in a steady flow. Taking many breaks will cause you to back track with the abundance of characters (new & old) in Aftermath.

Although, in the end I did care about Temmin, his family and his enemies.
The bits and pieces we do get from the familiar Star Wars characters is just enough to bridge the book. But honestly they could have been left out entirely.

This book really pushes the crumble of the old empire that we saw fall at the end of ‘Jedi’ and shows that there is something more menacing forming against the Rebel Alliance (just in time for Force Awakens!) But we fans knew this from the get go.

We’ll just have to wait and see how relevant all this really is in December, or if this is just another minor detailed series with no real presence in the series third act.

Book reviewed by Space Dragon contributor Keenan McClelland

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