Star Wars: Bloodlines (Book Review)


Taking place six years before The Force Awakens, Bloodline follows Princess/Senator Leia Organa as she investigates a mysterious criminal cartel while also being intimately involved in the hyper-partisan political environment that is the norm in the New Republic senate. She’s joined by a very colorful cast of characters from a stoic assistant with a tragic secret, a hotshot pilot out to prove himself, a mousy intern with strong convictions, a vain senator with a hidden agenda, and, finally, Leia’s foil, Senator Ransolm Casterfo, a charismatic senator from the opposition who is deeper than his persona suggests.

This book has it all: a strong characterization of Leia, fleshed out and interesting secondary characters and antagonists, intriguing and intricate political games, touching moments with multiple characters, including Leia and Han, and perhaps most importantly, a ton of background info about the political landscape of the galaxy leading up to the Force Awakens. Once again, Claudia Gray, the author of Lost Stars, produces a fantastic tale of intrigue, adventure, and betrayal. This novel is a must-read for any fan of The Force Awakens, and also, particularly, fans of Princess Leia.


Book reviewed by Space Dragon contributor Matt Pellegrino

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