Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi (Quick Book Review)


The Good: Breezy pacing, appreciable insights into Luke’s development of the Force between ANH and TESB, an excellent ship, an interesting Givin supporting character, a plethora of unique settings, and a great Math joke

The Bad: A stock, forgettable love interest for Luke, an uneven to completely off-base voice for Luke (The novel is first-person from Luke’s perspective), no villains outside of stock Empire goons and nameless bounty hunters, and an ending that is anti-climactic and wraps up everything far too neatly.

The Ugly: Fexian Skullborers. Nightmare fuel…

Overall Verdict: A breezy, occasionally fun, but ultimately completely forgettable adventure between ANH and TESB. Unless you’re really interested in digging into Luke’s mind and how he developed his Force use before TESB, this is completely skippable.

Book reviewed by Space Dragon contributor Matt Pellegrino


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