The Sony Playstation Experience 2016 (Floor Coverage)

I just returned from PSX in Anaheim, California about a week ago and boy the experience is no lie!

Let me start off by saying that this show is FOR the fans! This being my first PSX show, I was really blown away by how much Playstation cared about its long time fans. The throw backs that were announced last weekend were some loved gems. Remasters like the Crash Bandacoot, Parappa the Rapper and Loco Rocco were all playable on the show floor. There was also a free collectible card game going on during the show. Play a game at a booth, get that games card, which is numbered and the series continues at all Playstation events. How cool is that? This is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what Sony had going down on the show floor.

You cannot forget SWAG! The Official Playstation store was on hand and had a ton of throw back items, including an exclusive 1994 Playstation lettermen jacket. Since I never made the football team back in high school, this was an instant purchase for me. There were also a ton more exclusives including jewelry, shirts, statues and figures.

Remasters and swag are great and all, but most come for the announcements! Here is a run down of all the top announcements at PSX 2016.

  • The Last of Us: Part 2



  • Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite

  • Let It Die (Free to play NOW!)



  • Destiny (December Holiday Update)



  • Horizon Zero Dawn (A new First Look)

  • Resident Evil 7 (The Final Demo)



  • Street Fighter V (The Arival of Akuma)

  • Yakuza 6 & Yakuza Kiwami (Both coming to the west in 2017)

Along with these larger than life announcements, we got to see Lara Croft GO get announced for the Playstation console, a bit of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, the long awaited look at Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, and a very fun hands on experience with Ace Combat 7!

One thing I loved the most about PSX was getting a chance to chat with the smaller indi game developers on the show floor. One independent game in particular caught my eye earlier last year. One that took fun looking animated characters and dropped them into a spooky and dark setting. This was Night in the Woods! I was lucky enough to chat with Scott Benson and his wife about the project and get hands on with the game.

Let me just say, the writing is unlike anything else I have seen in a game. The closest in comparison that I can think of is the writing in Oxenfree, (and that’s a huge complement!) I don’t want to give too much away here about the plot, but I’m telling you it’s not what you think. Look for it January 2017!

I was also able to sit down and speak with Let It Die game director Hideyuki Shin. He told me about how excited he was to finally release this game to the masses. He also is a huge metal fan! The game has an amazing soundtrack that features some of the best metal artists in Japan. I asked Shin where I could find the soundtrack. I was told it was pulled from his personal collection. That put a big smile on my face! This game is Dark Souls set in a neo-tokyo environment. I’m not the best ‘Souls’ player, but I really enjoyed it!

I also got my first chance to try out Star Wars Battlefront in VR! What an experience EA is bringing us this year. VR is something that you have to experience for yourself. Do not knock it until you try it. Franchises like Star Wars and Batman were the soul reason I acquired one and it was breath taking! Tie Fighters roaring by as you look up, back and around your cockpit. A Star Destroyer is on the approach. Just then, a vessel from this years hit film “Rogue One” arrives and needs your help. I really did feel like I was IN the Star Wars films. Happy Playstation could bring this kind of experience to us.

In the end, the Playstation Experience really is something to behold. It’s not a mixed genre show, everyone there is there for one purpose. For the love of the game on Playstation! Maybe competitor companies like Microsoft and Nintendo can learn something from giving back to the fans? It sure is needed in 2017.

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