The Weather Outside Is Frightful…But The Mall Is So Delightful (Gameplay Trailer)

Today Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver revealed the new gameplay trailer for Dead Rising 4 titled “Return to the Mall.” We’re back at the mall that started it all, Willamette Mall! A recon mission quickly goes awry and Frank is up to his knees in undead this holiday season. From cleaving through zombies in the food court to pausing for a few creative selfies, Willamette Mall is a key piece in Frank’s search for the truth behind a government conspiracy responsible for the outbreak. Check out the action for yourself in the video above!

This is the one Horror Guy Keenan has been looking forward to since the first iteration of the Dead Rising series back in 2006.


Dead Rising 4 will be available worldwide for $59.99 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs beginning December 6. If you haven’t already, pre-order your copy of the game to receive incentives from participating retailers worldwide.
Let the Slay Ride Begin!

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